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aboutusver since Penny discovered she was able to jump up in my desk chair, she does so quite often now unless I push the chair under the desk. She will sometimes run ahead of me to get into my cave before I do just so she can beat me to my chair.

A few days ago, it just so happened I had my cellphone in my hand – I had been walking around while on the phone and was returning to my desk at the end of the call to lay the phone down.  Once again, Penny had run past me, into my cave and up into my chair. For once, I had the presence of mind to turn on the camera feature of my phone and I was able to take a picture of her just as I got to the doorway.





Penny Layne 6 Months Old

Penny Layne
6 Months Old


ther than a few accidents – at least I think they were accidents – in the house, Penny has been pretty good the past few weeks.  And I have to admit I’ve been pretty lucky in that she’s not chewed up anything major.  Sometimes, if you’re a piece of furniture, or a shoe, it’s hard to escape a teething puppy.

I finally got Penny to stop chewing on the carpet runner in the hallway.  She long ago lost interest in the wooden stool under my desk, and she hasn’t touched a pair of shoe laces in forever.

Instead, she’s had a blast with her toys – near a half dozen of different kinds of balls, and old sock, three or four toy bones.  And Frenchie is still around.  She’s succeeded in ripping his beret off, and shredding it to the point that it looks like a really cheap Halloween toupee.  She found a stick not long ago that keeps her busy when she tires of her store-bought toys.  And then, there’s her newest toy – a heavy rubber ball on a twisted rope that she wrangles with.  Yep, she’s been really good.

Until today.  It’s three days before Christmas, and Penny is testing Santa’s benevolent nature.

I was sitting here at the desk when I realized I was hearing a sound that didn’t sound right.  I turned around and Penny had pulled her toy basket out of the corner and was chewing on one of the handles.  She knew instantly she had been caught, and looked up at me as if she had no idea she was doing anything wrong.  I scolded her and put her toy basket back in the corner where it belonged.  I then tossed a ball to show her what she is supposed to play with.

I’ll be damned less than 15 minutes later, she had pulled the basket out into the middle of the room and wasDsc01488 working on one of the handles again!  When I spun around and saw what she was doing, she must have figured the innocent look would get her no where this time.  She jumped and ran, dove into her bed and flopped down.  She looked at me as if to say she was sorry.   I scolded her, but not as firmly as the first time, as it appeared that she knew she did wrong.   I put the basket back in the corner.

Later that evening, Penny had been horsing around with her new toy – the rubber ball on the twisted rope.  I was playing a word game on the computer, and sitting here quietly laughing while listening to her jump around, sling the toy all around, and run up and down the hall.  But then, wrapped up as I had gotten in my game, I didn’t notice right away that things had gotten very quiet.  I glanced down at her bed – it was empty.   I looked behind me and penny was up on the sofa, laying on the hoodie I had left there earlier, chewing on the cord to the hood!  I stood up, and headed toward her, asking on the way, “what are you doing?”  Penny raised up and crossed her paws, as if she had been laying there all along just relaxing.  Yeah.   I took the hoodie and hung it up.

Penny resumed romping with her new toy.  I went back to playing my game.  Later, I heard a sound that I knew was not a good one.  I turned around to find that Penny had again pulled her toy basket out into the middle of the floor and was gnawing on one of the handles.  When she realized she was busted, she took off like a shot, but instead of flying to her bed like she normally does when she knows she’s wrong, she ran into the bathroom.

After about three seconds, she came to the bathroom door and stuck her head out, looking around the edge of the door at me.  It was all I could do to keep from laughing.  I knew if I opened my mouth to chastise her, I’d bust up.

I shook my head, got up and put the basket back in the corner where it belongs, then sat back down at my desk.  Penny came out of the bathroom and ran to me.  She stood up with her paws on my knee and looked at me as if she was saying she was sorry.

I hope Santa takes puppyhood into consideration when determining what’s “good.”

When I brought Penny home, she was quiet as a mouse for the most part. As long as I was within her sight, she never even whined except for the first couple of nights when I would make her sleep in her carrier – and even then, she settled down fairly quickly.
…..Playing tug-o-war, she never made that cute little growl that most puppies (and even adult dogs) do when they’re having fun.
…..She did cry out one time – no, screaming was more like it – when a larger dog came running up to say “hi.” It was really the first time Penny had ever seen another animal so close up and personal, and it was definitely the first time she had seen anything other than people bigger than her.
…..Other than that though, Penny was a very quiet little girl. Until one night, she saw our shadows on a wall as we walked by. From there, Penny Layne has become rather vocal.
…..While she no longer barks at her shadow or mine, she finds it necessary to tell anyone or anything just what sheDSC01471 thinks —
♦ There’s that dog in the mirror. Sometimes, it seems like Penny knows she’s looking at herself. She will sit on the corner of the bed and look in the dresser mirror. I swear, it looks like she is admiring herself. Can’t blame her much though, she is a cute little devil. But other times, she will bark on occasion as if she is trying to tell that other dog something.
♦ She likes to look out the window, but I’ve come to the conclusion, this is so that she can monitor the goings-on outside, and bark her disapproval when someone walks by. I have yet to get her to understand she doesn’t need to sound off at people like that.
♦ When we are out walking, we pass by several fire hydrants. But, there’s one of those red ogre’s with the pointy heads that she doesn’t like. She will bark at it as if it snuck up on her and scared her, and she must voice the fact that she didn’t appreciate it’s actions.
♦ A knock at the door will bring her out of a dead sleep. She will race toward the door barking. I dare say if she was big enough, she’d open the door herself and give the person who had the nerve to disturb her, a piece of her mind!
♦ Out on our walks, there’s a pipe that sticks up out of the ground. Penny doesn’t seem to like that pipe. Dunno why, but on occasion she lets me and the pipe know how she feels.
♦ Strange, loud noises that startle her will cause her to go running, surprisingly toward the noise. The hair on her back will bristled up, and some angry, demon-possessed sounding barking will come outta that little dog.

…..And while this opinionated, stubborn and sometimes aloof little critter hasn’t learned yet to say something when she needs to go out, she will let me know when she wants something to eat, and when she’s ready for us to take a nap.

And she does so, LOUDLY.

We got up pretty late this morning.  Penny will stay in bed as long as you let her.  Since I went to bed so late the night before, I figured there was no hurt in sleeping in.   I turned on TV and we watched cartoons.

After we finally got up, I got showered and dressed.  As is Penny’s habit if we get up late, she will come in the bathroom and do her business on her piddle pad.

We went to the kitchen and I got her something to eat.  Since it was so late, I decided to fix something for lunch instead of breakfast.  There was some left-over fried rice, so I “re-fried” it to heat it up.  I got a spoon and headed to my cave with a small bowl of rice.  I went back in the kitchen later to get the rest of the rice.   I brought it in my cave and set it on my desk.  I went back to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

While in the kitchen, I took a moment clean up and put the few things away that I had pulled out to prepare my simple lunch.  While in there, it occurred to me that 1) I didn’t see Penny – she usually follows me everywhere;   2) I didn’t even hear Penny’s little bell – the bell I bought just for keeping up with her;   3) It suddenly hit me that Penny discovered about a week ago that she is able to jump up in my deskchair.


I wheeled around the corner, down the hall and into my cave.  There was Penny, standing square in the middle of myrice bowl desk.  She was just spitting out a piece of onion on my mouse pad.  And she didn’t even act like she had been caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

I set Penny on the floor and pushed my chair under the desk.  I gently chastised her since I was partly to blame, I guess, for having left my deskchair where she could jump up in it.  I went back to the kitchen for my water, then returned to my desk and sat down to eat the rest of my rice.

After I finished eating, Penny wanted to get in my lap.  I picked her up and she wanted to give me kisses.

“No, no kisses,” I said to her.  “Those aren’t even kisses of remorse – you want more rice!”

I guess next time, I’ll have to make sure and ask that onions be omitted from my order…


waking upMost dogs want to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning – no different than their humans.  Penny, however, will stay in bed as long as you let her.


It’s been a while since the last tale of Penny Layne. Life has had us busy – Holidays rolling around and all the things people do to prepare, and we decided to check out “Amazon Prime,“ so we’ve been DSC01422kicked back and watching movies and TV shows and other stuff online.
….Penny is just over five months old now*. It seems like she’s gone through so many changes since the 28th of October – her last story. Sometimes she seems like she’s all grown up, and other times…that little rambunctious package of fun on four feet proves she’s still just a puppy.
….She’s learned a few new things, and broke a few rules. She’s a smart little piece of work, but seems often to employ her intelligence only when it suits her. And now that she’s gotten a little older, it appears she’s learned how to test just how far she can go, how much she can get away with. I think she even threw a little tantrum once.
….Hmmmm…maybe this is the equivalent of the “terrible two’s!”

*Based on the Doc’s guestimate of her age, I picked 24 June as Penny’s birthday.

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