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We got up pretty late this morning.  Penny will stay in bed as long as you let her.  Since I went to bed so late the night before, I figured there was no hurt in sleeping in.   I turned on TV and we watched cartoons.

After we finally got up, I got showered and dressed.  As is Penny’s habit if we get up late, she will come in the bathroom and do her business on her piddle pad.

We went to the kitchen and I got her something to eat.  Since it was so late, I decided to fix something for lunch instead of breakfast.  There was some left-over fried rice, so I “re-fried” it to heat it up.  I got a spoon and headed to my cave with a small bowl of rice.  I went back in the kitchen later to get the rest of the rice.   I brought it in my cave and set it on my desk.  I went back to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

While in the kitchen, I took a moment clean up and put the few things away that I had pulled out to prepare my simple lunch.  While in there, it occurred to me that 1) I didn’t see Penny – she usually follows me everywhere;   2) I didn’t even hear Penny’s little bell – the bell I bought just for keeping up with her;   3) It suddenly hit me that Penny discovered about a week ago that she is able to jump up in my deskchair.


I wheeled around the corner, down the hall and into my cave.  There was Penny, standing square in the middle of myrice bowl desk.  She was just spitting out a piece of onion on my mouse pad.  And she didn’t even act like she had been caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

I set Penny on the floor and pushed my chair under the desk.  I gently chastised her since I was partly to blame, I guess, for having left my deskchair where she could jump up in it.  I went back to the kitchen for my water, then returned to my desk and sat down to eat the rest of my rice.

After I finished eating, Penny wanted to get in my lap.  I picked her up and she wanted to give me kisses.

“No, no kisses,” I said to her.  “Those aren’t even kisses of remorse – you want more rice!”

I guess next time, I’ll have to make sure and ask that onions be omitted from my order…


You may recall that earlier, I light-heartedly wondered if my new little puppy was possessed when she lit into one of the toys I had bought her, and in very short order – shredded it.

Penny likes to climb – I’ve never had a dog that climbed things like she does.  She walks the back of the sofas.   She jumps from sofas to table tops.   She sits atop things she’s climbed, then looks around as if she’s taking in how high up she is, the surface below, and what kind of landing she’ll stick if she jumps down.

She quietly walks around, sneaking up on things she’s been warned to leave alone.  She creeps around, like she’s calculating each footfall, her eyes and ears taking in and processing any little move on my part that might mean she’ll get busted.

She found a peacock feather a few days ago – no doubt lost by someone moving or throwing stuff out.  I flick the feather to make it quiver and tease her with it, and bounce it up and down just out of her reach.  She pounces at it, swats at it, crouches down and watches the movement of the feather, and guages her next attempt at trying to grab it.

When Penny first came home, she hadn’t been in the house more than an hour when she jumped up on the sofa like she’d been doing it for yearsnot playing

And somehow, despite the fact that I have never given her any people food (other than putting a little peanutbutter on a pill to get her to take it), she seems to know exactly what it is, that it’s different than what’s in her bowl, it’s what she prefers, and she has no problem in letting me know that she wants what I’m eating.

She’s not possessed.  She’s lived before – AS A CAT.   And one that was probably over-weight from too much people food!

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