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We got up pretty late this morning.  Penny will stay in bed as long as you let her.  Since I went to bed so late the night before, I figured there was no hurt in sleeping in.   I turned on TV and we watched cartoons.

After we finally got up, I got showered and dressed.  As is Penny’s habit if we get up late, she will come in the bathroom and do her business on her piddle pad.

We went to the kitchen and I got her something to eat.  Since it was so late, I decided to fix something for lunch instead of breakfast.  There was some left-over fried rice, so I “re-fried” it to heat it up.  I got a spoon and headed to my cave with a small bowl of rice.  I went back in the kitchen later to get the rest of the rice.   I brought it in my cave and set it on my desk.  I went back to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

While in the kitchen, I took a moment clean up and put the few things away that I had pulled out to prepare my simple lunch.  While in there, it occurred to me that 1) I didn’t see Penny – she usually follows me everywhere;   2) I didn’t even hear Penny’s little bell – the bell I bought just for keeping up with her;   3) It suddenly hit me that Penny discovered about a week ago that she is able to jump up in my deskchair.


I wheeled around the corner, down the hall and into my cave.  There was Penny, standing square in the middle of myrice bowl desk.  She was just spitting out a piece of onion on my mouse pad.  And she didn’t even act like she had been caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

I set Penny on the floor and pushed my chair under the desk.  I gently chastised her since I was partly to blame, I guess, for having left my deskchair where she could jump up in it.  I went back to the kitchen for my water, then returned to my desk and sat down to eat the rest of my rice.

After I finished eating, Penny wanted to get in my lap.  I picked her up and she wanted to give me kisses.

“No, no kisses,” I said to her.  “Those aren’t even kisses of remorse – you want more rice!”

I guess next time, I’ll have to make sure and ask that onions be omitted from my order…


On occasion, Penny Layne can be pretty darn lazy.
I was in the kitchen fixing a slice of toast.  For whatever reason, when I first brought Penny home, she would not eat unless I was in the kitchen too.  After a few days, she got brave enough to run in the kitchen and grab one or two little pieces of food, then run back into whatever room I happened to be in.  She still does most of her eating while I’m in there, but slowly, she is beginning to visit her dish more often, alone, and eating more while alone.

I’m not sure how she eats when I’m not in the kitchen with her – well, I guess on the run, but when I am in there, Penny will sit by her bowl,sitting down to dinner pick up 2 or 3 pieces of her food, drop them on her place mat, then eat one piece at a time.  Very rarely does she stand to eat, and she will usually only get up after she is finished for the time being, or to get a drink of water.
Now, Penny is not the first dog I’ve ever had that would sit to eat.  She is the only dog I’ve ever had that would sit at her dish to eat.   And she is the first dog I’ve ever had that lays down to eat.

Yes, while fixing my toast, I turned to check on her – I try to keep a close eye on her since she is not yet completely “potty trained,” and there she was, laying by her bowl, eating.  When I saw her, several things went through my mind all at once:  I never have a camera at hand when I need it – Is this dog lazy, or what? – Hmm, I guess being out this morning for over an hour really tired her out – If I go to get the camera, she’s going to jump up and follow me.

And follow me she did.   After getting the camera, I went into the diningroom so that I could try to slyly get a shot of her at her dish.   She did go back to eat a little more, but she didn’t lay down.  I did however, get a shot of her sitting at her dish and eating.

A couple days later, I turned around because I heard some rustling – Penny sometimes gets into stuff she’s not supposed to.   The noise?  Shelazy had half crawled out of her bed, which caused the far end to flip up in the air some – she was stretched out as much as a little puppy can stretch, half in her bed, half out.  And she was reaching for one of her toys that was about a foot and a half away.   Yes, dear readers, Penny was trying to retrieve the toy without having to actually get up!  She could juuuuust touch it, but she couldn’t reel it in.

Rather than get up, she gave up and went back to sleep where she lay – stretched out across the side of her bed.

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