wpid-wp-1420254709221This was a nice surprise, to see that someone liked my adventures as I grow up, enough to nominate me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, Moto!

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs.
5. Link your nominee’s blog & let them know.

7 Facts About Me (Penny):
·  I like to sit up on the bed so I can see myself in the mirror.  When I first saw myself, I wasn’t sure who it was, so naturally, I barked at that other dog.  But after a while, I liked seeing that other dog.  Then my human told me that was me in the mirror.  I look good!
·  I don’t like the rain – it would be okay if it didn’t get my feet wet.
·  I’ve learned how to tell my human when I want something pronto, by letting out a short, sharp, loud, high-pitched “yerk.”  It’s not a yelp, and it’s not a bark… but a “yerk.”  Try it – it works!
·  I like to snuggle inside a sweatshirt – while it’s on my human.
·  I’m not allowed to have any people food.  😦  That stuff sure smells good.
·  I like to sleep in as late as possible – Divas need their rest, ya know!
·  I collect sticks.

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