When I brought Penny home, she was quiet as a mouse for the most part. As long as I was within her sight, she never even whined except for the first couple of nights when I would make her sleep in her carrier – and even then, she settled down fairly quickly.
…..Playing tug-o-war, she never made that cute little growl that most puppies (and even adult dogs) do when they’re having fun.
…..She did cry out one time – no, screaming was more like it – when a larger dog came running up to say “hi.” It was really the first time Penny had ever seen another animal so close up and personal, and it was definitely the first time she had seen anything other than people bigger than her.
…..Other than that though, Penny was a very quiet little girl. Until one night, she saw our shadows on a wall as we walked by. From there, Penny Layne has become rather vocal.
…..While she no longer barks at her shadow or mine, she finds it necessary to tell anyone or anything just what sheDSC01471 thinks —
♦ There’s that dog in the mirror. Sometimes, it seems like Penny knows she’s looking at herself. She will sit on the corner of the bed and look in the dresser mirror. I swear, it looks like she is admiring herself. Can’t blame her much though, she is a cute little devil. But other times, she will bark on occasion as if she is trying to tell that other dog something.
♦ She likes to look out the window, but I’ve come to the conclusion, this is so that she can monitor the goings-on outside, and bark her disapproval when someone walks by. I have yet to get her to understand she doesn’t need to sound off at people like that.
♦ When we are out walking, we pass by several fire hydrants. But, there’s one of those red ogre’s with the pointy heads that she doesn’t like. She will bark at it as if it snuck up on her and scared her, and she must voice the fact that she didn’t appreciate it’s actions.
♦ A knock at the door will bring her out of a dead sleep. She will race toward the door barking. I dare say if she was big enough, she’d open the door herself and give the person who had the nerve to disturb her, a piece of her mind!
♦ Out on our walks, there’s a pipe that sticks up out of the ground. Penny doesn’t seem to like that pipe. Dunno why, but on occasion she lets me and the pipe know how she feels.
♦ Strange, loud noises that startle her will cause her to go running, surprisingly toward the noise. The hair on her back will bristled up, and some angry, demon-possessed sounding barking will come outta that little dog.

…..And while this opinionated, stubborn and sometimes aloof little critter hasn’t learned yet to say something when she needs to go out, she will let me know when she wants something to eat, and when she’s ready for us to take a nap.

And she does so, LOUDLY.