Inamed him “Frenchie.”  Penny ignored him.   I was beginning to think this was more wasted money.   One toy she destroyed in less than 12 hours.  This one, it seemed, she wanted nothing to do with.

The toy has some type of cellophane inside that makes a crunching noise.  Until Penny discovered this noise, she really had no interest in this stuffed slice of french toast – she was too busy tearing up the cloth bone that is now just one among the many old, unwanted and broken toys in that big toy chest in the sky.

When the crunchy noise finally attracted her attention, she would pounce on Frenchie and grab him, give him a good shake, then take off running through the house with him.  Upon arriving in the room from which she took off, she would let Frenchie fly.  Then pounce on him again where ever he happened to land.  I was beginning to think I should start praying for Frenchie.

She had obviously exhausted herself running back and forth and throwing Frenchie all around, but like a child, she wasn’t ready to stop playing all together.  She flopped down, and in shoving her nose into the soft toy a few times, she realized that Frenchie was wearing a hat and a little red bow tie.

Within a couple hours, Penny had chewed the bow off the tie.  Next day, she had worked her way through the knot in the tie, and now the ends frenchie2flapped freely about.   Later in the day, I saw something black on the sofa – it was that little decorative tab on the top of the beret that Frenchie wears – does anyone know what that little thing is called??  And how did she haul Frenchie, who is nearly half her size, up on the sofa?!

I felt sorry for poor little Frenchie, and I tied the two ends of his tie together to simulate another bow.  Penny chewed through that knot too.  A few days later, I tied the tie again.  This time I had to pull the ends together tight, cinching Frenchie’s midsection (does a slice of toast have a “midsection?”), just to have enough of the tie to work with.

Frenchie has been through a lot in the past week.  But he’s tougher than he looks, though, and has lasted way longer than I ever imagined considering the swiftness with which Penny dispatched that little cloth bone…