aboutusverytime I get a dog, it’s for life.   So naturally,
I worry whether or not my new charge will have
good traits and a fun character.   I like for them to
be unique and expressive.  I really like expressive!
But I’m not one to bring a dog home with the
attitude that, if I don’t like it, I can just return it.
It has to be really bad for me not to keep a dog.
And IF it gets to that point, I will look for a new
family myself.

I wasn’t let down when I got Penny Layne.  Of
course within the first week, I wasn’t sure if I had a
developing monster or just a really rambunctious cutey.

I don’t know where Penny was born or when.  I
only know that she and her two brothers somehow
ended up at the animal shelter, but luckily found
their way to a pet store.   Her doctor estimated her
age to be about 12 to 14 weeks old when I took her
in for her fist appointment.

So, here I go again – taking a little one into my
heart.  But this time, I believe I’ll chronicle our
adventures.  Especially hers, as she is turning out
to be quite a character.  No doubt some of you will
see my Penny in your own little furry child.