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Iknew before getting Penny that if I got a dog small enough, I would also get a carrier.  And so, after I adopted her, she and I went straight to one of the pet stores I had been “inventorying” in advance.  I found her a little carrier that I felt would suit her and my pocket.  And it definitely made the trip home a lot easier than the box she was in before stopping at the store.

The first night at bedtime, I put her in her carrier.  I figured what better way to insure she won’t potty in the house during the night.  Another benefit, she would be right next to the bed and wouldn’t feel alone.  The carrier was also to keep yet another little furry child from making my bed her bed too.  She fussed quite a bit, but finally settled down and went to sleep.  She woke up twice during the night, but after a few seconds of crying, she went back to sleep.  The next night, when it was time to go to bed, she waltzed right into her carrier like she had been doing it for years.  Whew.  This was gonna be better than I thought.

A couple days later, Little Miss Penny Layne had been rampaging all through the house, playing and horsing around in a most unladylike  manner.  Even after she wore herself, she just didn’t wanna give it up.   She flew into the room, and flopped into her bed.   But setting next to her bed was her carrier.

Ohhhhhh, that carrier.   It had things like straps and handles and belts (oh, my!) hanging off it.  These things were too tempting for a little puppy to ignore no matter how tired she was. After all, they were right there – why should she get up and cross the room to retrieve one of her toys, exhausted as she was?

She began chewing on one of the handles.  I caught her, and chastised her, and draped the handle over the top of the carrier.  Next thing I knew, she was chewing on the zipper tab – the zipper that secures the flap.  I got up again, chastised her again and set the carrier on the sofa.

I left the room for a while, and when I returned, the carrier was up-side-down.   Hmmmm.  Only one in this house that could possibly be guilty on sofa wag tailof that was Penny Layne.   Of course, I couldn’t do much more than set the carrier up-right, as I didn’t catch her in the act, but I did ask her if she had done it.   A little later, I did catch her chewing on the flap.  I chastised her again, and turned the carrier around so that the flap was against the back of the sofa.  I went in the kitchen to make me a snack.  When I returned, Penny was on the sofa, standing there watching me coming down the hall, and wagging her tail.  The carrier was on the edge of the sofa, and she had discovered the end of a plastic bag poking out through the front of a pocket on the back side of the carrier.  The carrier was designed to hold a small roll of plastic bags, accessible by just pulling them through a little opening in the face of the pocket like you would pluck a tissue from a kleenex box.  The bags are for cleaning up doggy droppings.  She had pulled out a string of about a half a dozen bags.  I rolled the bags back up, put them back in the pocket and set the carrier in a corner.

That night, bedtime rolled around.  I brought her carrier to the side of the bed and told her it was time to go “night-night.”  She went inside and I grabbed the zipper tab to zip the flap closed for the night, but just as the zipper started to round the first curve, it hung.  Dagnabbit.  The zipper sometimes catches on the fabric in that first curve – it was getting annoying because even though Penny would go in the carrier without argument, if I didn’t get it zipped closed within a few seconds, she would either start playing with my fingers, hindering the zipping of the flap, or she would try to come out – I guess in her little world, if the carrier didn’t get closed in a reasonable amount of time, she didn’t have to stay in it.

I backed the zipper up some and went at it again.  The zipper hung again.  And again.   And again.  Okay… I was starting to get irritated, but just about then my finger ran across something.  Hmmm, what the heck was that?  I turned the flap up to look at the edge.

THE TEETH WERE MANGLED!  A good 3/4s of an inch of zipper teeth had been chewed up.  When in the world did she do this?  It wasn’t carrierwhen I caught her chewing on the flap – she had been in her carrier at least once since that incident.   ~Sigh!~  I zipped the flap as far as it would go, then got a safety pin, found the mid-point of the remaining open area and pinned it closed.   I took a decorative pillow and leaned it against the flap believing this would be enough to keep her from realizing the opening to her carrier was not really all that secure.  I turned the light out and went to bed.

In the wee hours of the morning, I felt something hit the bed.  Next thing I knew, something was walking across my chest and then over my shoulder.  Then there was a gentle, muffled thud.  It was Penny flopping down on my pillow just above my head.  She got comfortable like she had been sleeping with me all her life…and there she stayed until we got up that morning.


The day started out fairly well – took Penny out when we woke up about 7am.   She did her business like a veteran.  She’s even getting to the point that she has preferences for where she goes.

After we came back in, I fixed myself some breakfast while Penny romped around and snatched little morsels from her dish on occasion.  I sat down to eat and because she’s learning that what I eat smells a little different than what she eats, she comes over and jumps up and down to get my attention.  But after I tell her to get down a couple times, and tell her “no,” she heads for her little bed and takes a break.

After breakfast, she acted like she was trying to let me know that she had to go out.  So out we went.  Sure enough, within minutes, she peed.  Ofredpoloshirt course, when she goes outside, I always praise her.  When we came back in the house, we played for a while.  After she tired herself out, she bounced into her bed and went to sleep.  I watched a program that I had taped the night before.

Later on, Penny woke up.  She started playing with her toys.  I was doing something on the computer when I heard a noise that didn’t seem right.  I turned around to find her playing with her piddle pad.   I got up to go over and straighten it out, and tell her that her piddle pad was not a toy.   Then something on the pad caught my eye – there was a wet spot.  Penny had peed on the pad!   YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

A little while later, I went in the kitchen for something.   I headed back to my cave and when I rounded the corner, I saw a wet spot on the floor.  Penny peed on the FLOOR!   Does that mean the piddle pad incident was just an accident?

I chastised her, pointing to the wet spot on the floor, then took her to the piddle pad to show her that’s where she pees if she’s inside.  Once I put her down, she hauled butt to her bed – that’s what she does if she even thinks  she’s in trouble.

Because she peed on the floor, I knew there was no sense in taking her out.  Little did I know she was going to run in the bedroom and drop a duece on the sly.  How did I find out?  No, I didn’t step in it.  I knew she had done something when she came running in where I was as if the hounds of hell were on her heels.  I went to search for her dirty deed, found it and chastised her for that little incident too.

Okay…once again, no need to go out.   She’s already done it.  So I went in the kitchen to start cooking something for dinner.  While in there, I hear these little feet stampeding down the hall and back and into the kitchen.


I come to the hall, and BAM! She’s done it again.  And this time, she was NOT gonna let me catch her.   I chased her around the diningroom, the livingroom and back into the diningroom where she darted under the table and to the other end of the house.  She ran straight to her bed and flopped down in it, then rolled over on her back.  In her little world, she thinks there’s no way I can get her out of her bed when she does that.  But get her, I finally did, and put her in her carrier.  She knew she had done wrong, so not only did she not fuss about being confined, she even went to sleep.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, she pushed something out on each trip to the great outdoors.   I’m not sure if she learned her lesson, or if she was just trying to prove a point to me…..


enny’s first doctor’s appointment went great.  I signed in when we got there, then sat down to wait to see the doc.  All along, little Miss Penny Layne was the picture of puppy perfection.  She laid in her carrier quietly looking around at her surroundings.  She never whined.  She never barked at anyone – which at home, has become her new favourite hobby.Snapshot_20140924_13

Later, we were called back to an examining room.  The technician told me the doctor would be in shortly.  Meanwhile, she took down some notes on what’s going on with Penny.   Yeah, pretty much like a people appointment.  Penny continued to portray the manners of a well trained dog much older than herself, and not a rambunctious little 12 week old puppy.  Had I told them that she was really this indignant, sneaky, hell-on-wheels little piece of work, they would never have believed me.

Then, it was time to get her temperature.  It was obvious Penny didn’t really like it, but she was a real trooper.  She stood there quiety, and only started to get a little antsy about the time the digital thermometer beeped – indicating that a final reading had been achieved.  I was really proud of her.

She got a clean bill of health.  And that “cough” I was concerned about, isn’t really a cough at all.  Instead, after demonstrating to the doctor what Penny had been doing, it turns out it’s this thing called a reverse sneeze.  Doc said she might have a little allergy, and could explain the itching she was also experiencing.  He prescribed her a steroid to help with that.   And just in case there was something viral going on, he prescribed her an antibiotic, too.   Both are for a week.

He also administered a liquid med for worms – I guess as a preventative measure.  Penny took the liquid slick as a whistle.   Then he listened to her heart and lungs.  She stood on the table with her front paws against his chest, looking up at him, her tail wagging casually like she’d found a new best friend.

While the doctor finished explaining everything, Penny stood on the examining table, leaning against the technician as she pet her.  Both the doc and the tech kept exclaiming how cute she is.   The doc left and the technician took over.   She gave me a “puppy kit” and explained what was in it and how to use the couple of items in the bag.  All the while, Penny sat on the table, leaning against me, intently watching and listening as if she herself were absorbing all this info.

That evening, I figured I would go ahead and start her on her meds – the sooner, the better, eh?.  I got out a pill, and measured her antibiotic.  I collected Penny and gave her the pill first.  Hmm.  No problem.  Seems administering meds will be a lot easier with this little one.   I then gave her the antibiotic.  Again – no fight, no hassle.  Took it just as easily as when the doc did it.

The next morning, it took 15 minutes of acrobatics and finally slathering that half a pill with peanutbutter to get her take it.   Took another five minutes to convince her to take that antibiotic.  And the bad part is… that stuff smells pretty good!  Where’s that good little puppy that took her meds so nicely for her doc?

The little monster in her has re-awakened, and this is gonna be a long week if I don’t figure out how to trick her into happily taking that antibiotic.  Yes, Little Miss Hyde is back in form!

Penny started coughing, so I figured I had better get her in to see the doc. I called, they allow walk-ins. Okay. But since I was waiting for a cable repairman, I couldn’t say just when I could be there. So I told the receptionist I would call after the repairman left – she said that would be great.

With everything being so automated nowadays, I went to see if the doctor I chose had a website. Yep, sure did. And, I discovered that they had a new patient form on the website. This is great. I can print this puppy, fill it out and have it ready when I get Penny to the doctor’s office. And then – lucky me – I found a coupon for her first visit. It’ll be free.

Next, I scanned a copy of the paperwork showing the shots she had been given before I got her. Then I made some notes that I thought might be helpful to her new doctor.

This ain’t my first rodeo – but I get better at it each time. I thought I’d be smart, and get a stool sample and have it ready to take with me to Penny’s appointment. Now mind you, this dog has been dropping doggy diamonds three and four times a day. Yet today, after calling the doctor, this little fertilizer manufacturer closed up shop!

Shortly after talking to the doctor’s office – about mid-morning, I took Penny out. We walked around and around. She found grass blades to snap at, and leaves to pounce on. Occasionally, she just nonchalantly dropped her little butt and sat down. She would look up me with a look of, what are we out here for, on her face. After about 20 minutes, we came back to the house.

A couple hours later – a little after eleven, we went out again. Again, we walked around and around. Found bugs to chase, and people to bark at. And during this trip out, she decided there were new places she wanted to check out. At this point, she hadn’t even peed. After about 20 minutes, I headed back toward the house when she finally decided her little bladder needed some relief afterall. But still no processed kibble.

Back in the house, Penny decided she would eat a little more. YESSSSSSSSSS!!! I was thinking to myself, eat all you want. Stuff your little face. Sooner or later, it’s gotta come out. And so she ate, and drank some water. And ate a little more. After a while, she began to fuss. I’m still not sure though if that fussing is because she’s learned how to tell me she needs to go out, or if it’s because she’s learned how to tell me she wants to go out just for the sake of going out. But no matter, out we went, properly armed with a small container and a disposable plastic fork for flicking her long-awaited deposit into that container for safe keeping.

We walked around and around and around. I was beginning to feel stupid as people drove by, and me with a container and a fork in my hand. timeMaybe they figured I had eaten lunch while walking the dog – ya know, killing two birds with one stone. Not enough time to walk the dog and then eat… so walk the dog while eating. No. Even I wouldn’t believe that if I saw someone with an empty container and fork in one hand, and a leash in the other.

We walked around and around and around. Had to stop her from picking up a cigarette butt. Had to make her put down a waded up piece of tissue. She pounced on another piece of paper and tore it up. We watched a moving truck go by – the driver waved. Was he just being nice? Or did he see that stupid container and the plastic fork I was now trying to hide? Someone else drove by – he waved to. I don’t know the guy. Can’t say I’ve ever seen him. Maybe he was waving as if to say, “thanks for being one of the few who cleans up behind their dogs.” I waved back. With the hand that held the container and fork. ~Sigh~

It’s been about 15 minutes now. A car stopped to ask if my little dog was a boy or girl. We chatted briefly. He has a dog like mine too. We bid each other a good day, and then little Penny decided she would tinkle. While I was quite happy about this, it’s not exactly what I wanted. But how do you get that point across to a 3 month old puppy?

Then, after I’d begun mopping sweat from my forehead, I recognized that I-have-to-go-but-I’m-having-too-much-fun-to-be-bothered-with-things-like-pooping kind of body language. She nosed around, trying to find just the right spot. Or maybe she was still trying to put it off. Who knows? But I finally got that long-awaited stool sample.

I called the doctor’s office back, proud of myself that I had everything in order. But I got a different receptionist. She said they were booked up pretty tight today. She said she had several openings….

…tomorrow. “Would you prefer morning or afternoon?”

Went out today and bought Penny some new toys.  All she had since getting her a few days ago was a stuffed jackalope almost as big as BarksBones1her, and an old sock that I tied a couple of knots in so we could play tug-o’-war.   This plush, squeaky bone was one of the new toys I bought.  Cute, isn’t it?  Yeah.  Uh-huh.  It was.

I had left her here with a beef bone – I figured that would keep her busy, and she wouldn’t be so aware of the fact that I was gone.   When I got back, she was still enjoying her bone too much to be interested in what I’d bought for her, but curiosity got the best of her and she finally decided to investigate the new items.  She set into this fabric bone like a rabies-crazed coyote.

Pulled the faux fur off the back, then tore a hole in the back and proceeded to pull the stuffing out.   I really started to wonder if there was something wrong with my new little puppy…like, perhaps she was possessed or something!

BarksBones3After the “newness” wore off, she dropped the little bone like a hot potato and flopped into her bed.   I picked up the bits of  fur and threads and fluff, and removed the squeaker so she wouldn’t end up pulling that out too and choking on it.   When I looked over at her, she sorta looked remorseful for what she had done.

A few hours later, she decided she hadn’t done enough damage to the helpless little fabric bone, and finished it off.  I didn’t think there could possibly be much left inside the bone – but there was.   This time, she had stuffing spread across both cushions of the sofa, and all over the carpet.   The dead bone lay behind the door, belly up.   And this time, she didn’t even have the decency to at least pretend to be ashamed.

aboutusverytime I get a dog, it’s for life.   So naturally,
I worry whether or not my new charge will have
good traits and a fun character.   I like for them to
be unique and expressive.  I really like expressive!
But I’m not one to bring a dog home with the
attitude that, if I don’t like it, I can just return it.
It has to be really bad for me not to keep a dog.
And IF it gets to that point, I will look for a new
family myself.

I wasn’t let down when I got Penny Layne.  Of
course within the first week, I wasn’t sure if I had a
developing monster or just a really rambunctious cutey.

I don’t know where Penny was born or when.  I
only know that she and her two brothers somehow
ended up at the animal shelter, but luckily found
their way to a pet store.   Her doctor estimated her
age to be about 12 to 14 weeks old when I took her
in for her fist appointment.

So, here I go again – taking a little one into my
heart.  But this time, I believe I’ll chronicle our
adventures.  Especially hers, as she is turning out
to be quite a character.  No doubt some of you will
see my Penny in your own little furry child.

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